<html><img src="photos/toilet.gif"/></html>\n[[Back|AWAKE]]
You die instantly.\n\n[[RESPAWN|AWAKE]]
SPACE UNIVERSITY! the Bartholomew method of educating people into a space fetus\n\n[[LOST IN THE OUTER SPACE|LOST IN THE OUTER SPACE]]
Step 1: Teke yon moon rocke\n\nStep 2: Grind it in your molybdenum pestle\n\nStep 3: Add starch, butter, erbs. Curry powder makes everything taste of food\n\nStep 4: Put yon slurry in yon turkey mold\n\nStep 5: Baek in oven for as long as you liek, it matters not\n\nStep 6: Put thine dentiste on speed dial and prepare to push ye button\n\nStep 7: Bon apatite\n\n[[Back|AWAKE]]
"Not a table lamp?? Whaaaa?? What does that even MEAN??"\n\n[[It means YOUR FACE|FACE]]\n[[IT means YOUR MOM|MOM]]\n[[It mans your MEANS|MEANS]]\n\n
(You smash the bulb of the table lamp). \n\n So, what do you think of me NOW?? HUH?\n\n"You spelled "hug" wrong"\n\n Yes, you are right. Ok hugs tiem now.\n \n[[ :D |AWAKE]]
<html><img src="photos/bandaids.png" /></html>\n[[Bear|BEAR]]\n[[Octopus|OCTOPUS]]\n<html><a href="http://www.dawasaurus.com/duckfight/" class="internalLink" target="_blank" >Man</a></html>
\n<html><iframe src=fetus.html frameborder="0" style="height: 306px; width: 406px;"></iframe></html>\n[[Back|AWAKE]]
Morgan Centigram lives in the sencond dimentsion. he was in OUTER SPACE collecting SPACE in a bucket for his SCience SPACE research project when suddenly a SPACE CRACK appears in SPACE TIME! Oh noes! But wait, he uses his knowlege of science hammers to fix it. But he hits the crack with a science hammer, due to the different LAWS OF SCIENCE in the next dimension he breaks the hole and makes it biigger! and gets sucked into the 2.6th dimension which can only afford shitty graphics. and maybe doesn't use voxels after all\n\n<html><img src="photos/theouterspace.png" /></html>\n\n[[Wake up from your unconsiousness|AWAKE]]
"I DISBELIEVE YOUR WORDS OF WORDYNESS! PREPEAR TO MEAT YOUR DOOMS!\n\n ... \n\nO_o => :O :D :V BLEE BLEE BLEE! PTEW!\n\nOkay. I have meted out the punishment for tresspassers, you can go now "\n\n [[ :/ |AWAKE]]
"*Gasp* of course! The missing part of DeGuernsey's equation! I must tell the professor!"\n\n[[Kthxbai|AWAKE]]\n
"OH... ok carry on"\n\n[[I shall!|AWAKE]]
<html> <audio id="audio_1" controls preload loop autoplay hidden>\n <source src="html5game/ktulu.ogg" />\n <source src="html5game/ktulu.mp3" />\n </audio> </html>\n\n[[AAAH! AAAAAHH!!!!|AWAKE]]
In space there is no tofu actually, so this is made out of powdered moon rocks. maybe it should be renamed to mofurkey? It's what astronauts eat when they want stomach haemorrhages and bloody diarrhoea. (Hey, it gets REALLY BORING up there)\n\n[[I'm intrigued how do you make this tofurkey|HOWTOFURKEY]]\n
"So... Not a table lamp, means... Table lamp?"\n\nErrr.. yeah! that is not only what i meant by my statement, but it is also true and logical\n\n[[... I'm bored now. BYE!|AWAKE]]\n\n\n
eeeee...oooo..aaaaa\n"oooooooooooooooooeeeiiiiiaooouuu"\nHUiiiiii\n"AAAA... OOOH... YEAH... FASTER! HARDER!"\n\n[[ D: |AWAKE]]\n
\n<html><img src="photos/bears.gif" /></html>\n\n[[WAKE UP. YOU ARE DREAMING|AWAKE]]
Space University
"Spacebulbs last forever though. They never need replacing!"\n\n[[JAPAN FOUR!|JAPAN4]]\n[[Yeah fair enough.|FAIR]]\n[[I smash your face in!|SMASH]]
Ah the world of table lamps, where every thing, person, object is a table lamp. Even the air you breathe is made up of tiny table lamps floating around. Lucky you have your SPACE HELMET (well technically it's an air helmet but whatever)\n\nhmm there appears to be table lamps in this dimension. A LOT OF TABLE LAMPS. You decide to talk to one.\n\n[[Hey what is up?|WHAT UP]]
\nA teacher walks into space and hits you with a space ruler.\n\n"LISTEN TO ME LISTEN YOU ARE A STUDENT LISTEN TO ME! Fetuses can exist in outer space without exploding! This is IMPORTANT to learn because, you see they are encased in amniotic fluid"\n\nWhy do I need to know this?\n\n"BECAUSE this fetus is really YOU from the future, and you are really a ghost, who is actually Hitler in disguise. OR ARE YOU? Yes! TAKE THE EXAM!"\n\n[[Take the exam|EXAM]]
"... So it means...Exterior of lampshade?"\n\nYes.\n\n"... You know, people like you are the faulty wiring on the base of our proud nation."\n \n[[ >:[ |AWAKE]]\n\n\n
Yew is floating in the outer space, there is a whole bunch of crap floating around. Behold!\n\n<html><img src="photos/awake.png" /></html>\n\n[[TABLE LAMP|TABLE LAMP]]\n[[SPACE TOILET|TOILET]]\n[[SPACE HAGGIS|HAGGIS]]\n[[SPACE BILLY CRYSTAL|BILLY CRYSTAL]]\n[[THE BIG BOOK OF DECORATIVE BANDAIDS|BANDAID HELL]]\n[[SPACE TOFURKEY|TOFURKEY]]\n[[SPACE FETUS|FETUS]]\n<html><a href="http://coolguys.me/" class="internalLink">SPACE EXIT</a></html>
\n<html><iframe src=haggis.html frameborder="0" style="height: 500px; width: 800px;"></iframe></html>\n\n[[Back|AWAKE]]
Why are you not going as a table lamp? THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBLE THING TO EXIST!\n\n[[THINGS!|THINGS]]\n[[Physical violence, HINT >:[|VIOLENCE]]
Mark Gobbin\nSergio Cornaga
"HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE???"\n\n[[Um... not a table lamp?|NOTLAMP]]\n[[Um... space janitor, come to... replace... spacebulbs?|JANITOR]]\n[[Umm... I am going to a fancy dress party.|FANCYDRESS]] \n[[HUMM... HEM.... aaah... ...|DUNNO]]